Everything yacht crew need to sort their financial life at the click of a button

You’ll need to specify a term (time premiums stay the same) in step 2 to get a quote. We suggest 20 years.

You’ll need to insert a country of residence. If you are at sea, it’s where the boat is flagged (i.e. Cayman Islands). If you aren’t at sea, it’s wherever you are based.

About Yachting Financial Solutions

Waves Financial comes from Yachting Financial Solutions (Ireland) DAC. We’ve dedicated our lives to helping yacht crew make the most out of their careers in yachting. We do that by helping yacht crew put a guided financial plan in place. The ultimate aim is to help yacht crew achieve financial freedom, so they can pursue their passions when they leave yachting. If that idea turns you on, then go to www.yfsol.com and arrange a consultation. 

We also know that not everyone wants or has the time to commit to creating a dedicated, long-term financial plan. They just want to get things sorted.

That’s why we’ve created Waves Financial, an online toolkit that allows you to not only invest money but, most importantly, protect yourself and your income—directly from your desktop or mobile device.