Dedicated financial planners for superyacht crew since 1992

At Yachting Financial Solutions (Ireland) DAC, we’ve made it our life’s work to help yacht crew like you leave the industry financially independent. We think that’s a pretty special thing to be able to do. Nothing gives us a bigger buzz than watching a client fulfil their life’s dreams. Money is boring. Seeing what our clients do with it—that’s the exciting part.

We’re different from regular financial advisors. We know yachting inside out and back to front. We know what fits the yacht crew life style and what doesn’t. We’ve tailored our business around that. We’re the only financial advisors who deal exclusively with yacht crew.

Yachting Financial Solutions (Ireland) DAC is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland no 50057.

Financial planning experience

We were founded over 20 years ago by Clive and Teresa Evans, who have grown us into an international company, headquartered in Cork/Ireland. We have a customer service and liaison centre in Antibes/France, along with a crew business lounge. And we have a data and customer service centre in Manila/the Philippines.

It’s important to us that you get a personal experience when you deal with us. So, we travel extensively for face-to-face meetings with clients worldwide. And if you’re at sea, we’ll Skype with you. We build strong relationships founded on trust, so that we can help you as best as possible to achieve your financial dreams.

We’re elected members of the Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers (FEIFA).

The genuine Yachting Financial Solutions

We’re the genuine Yachting Financial Solutions. It’s flattering that others are copying our name, but don’t be fooled. We don’t work with any other financial consultants and advisors, nor do we have any affiliation with other financial consultants and advisors. Yachting Financial Solutions products and services are available exclusively through Yachting Financial Solutions (Ireland) DAC.

You can find out more about Yachting Financial Solutions (Ireland) DAC and how we help yacht crew here: YFSOL.com.

Waves Financial for superyacht crew

Our ultimate aim is to help yacht crew achieve financial freedom, so they can pursue their passions when they leave yachting. But that requires planning, discipline and plenty of communication between us and our clients. We are constantly there to help guide them

But not everyone wants a dedicated, long-term financial plan. That’s why we created Waves Financial, an online toolkit that allows you to invest money, as well as protect yourself and your income.