Please note: You will be transferred to the Expatriate Group site for a quotation. They will also send us a copy, so we can help with any queries.

Travel insurance—Don’t leave home without it

Yacht crew need comprehensive and flexible travel cover. Waves travel insurance covers all nationalities, travelling anywhere in the world. Comprehensive and flexible enough?

You can protect yourself during a specific single trip or, for total flexibility, you can take out an annual policy that covers you for any trip you take abroad—regardless of how often you travel and to where.

What’s more, you can adapt cover and premiums to provide you with exactly the right travel insurance solution for you.

Get a personalised, competitive quote today.

Please note: You will be transferred to the Expatriate Group site for a quotation. They will also send us a copy, so we can help with any queries.

Shipshape travel insurance for yacht crew

We’ve teamed up with Expatriate Group, specialists in insurance for expatriates, to bring you travel insurance that genuinely meets the needs and lifestyle of crew onboard superyachts today.


Key benefits:

  • Instant Travel Cover
  • 24-hour Support
  • No Hospital Restrictions
  • Comprehensive Protection
  • No Out-of-pocket Hospital Expenses

Please note: You will be transferred to the Expatriate Group site for a quotation. They will also send us a copy, so we can help with any queries.

ONE flexible plan, plus TWO extra options

Basic Cover—Medical Treatment & Evacuation

This is the core policy option, which provides the important medical cover against the high cost of medical treatment and emergency medical evacuations. The standard plan benefits also provide you with 24-hour access to trained nurses to ensure that medical advice is only ever a phone call away.


Option 1—Enhanced Benefits

Option 2—Cancellation & Curtailment Cover

This optional level of protection also covers you against the additional losses to property (luggage, passport, etc.), liability and accidents that you may suffer whilst travelling abroad.

Cancellation and Curtailment covers you in the event that your trip is unexpectedly cancelled or you are forced to return home early.

Please note: You will be transferred to the Expatriate Group site for a quotation. They will also send us a copy, so we can help with any queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Waves Money?

Waves Money by Yachting Financial Solutions is a simple, cost-effective and above all quick investment plan for yacht crew.

It gives you an easy way to put your money into a basket of three solid funds, so you can turn your hard-earned money into more money.

You might have been hoping to get started on a financial plan but just not had the time to have proper meetings with a financial consultant or do all the paperwork. Well—Waves Money by YFSOL is for you. You can apply in as little as 20 minutes.

Who is Waves Money for?

Waves Money has been created exclusively for yacht crew—especially those who want to get their money working for them, but can’t find the time to sit down with a dedicated yacht crew financial planner.

Waves Money is quick and simple. It’s designed so that you can apply for (and manage) your account online, on the go, wherever you are.

Please note: Waves Money isn’t available to US citizens whose primary residence is in the USA, nor to residents of the Isle of Man.

How do I sign up?

The application process is simple.

Short version:

  1. TAKE THE WAVES TEST to see if you qualify.
  2. If you do, APPLY.
  3. Then, send us your SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION and set up your STANDING ORDER.

More detailed version:

1—Take the Waves Test to see whether Waves is right for you. The test will take you through important aspects of Waves and you'll be asked to agree to them. You'll also be asked about your salary, savings and what you'd be comfortable investing. These are all questions relating to regulatory requirements we must comply with. They are there to make sure Waves fits with your current financial position. The test won't take longer than a few minutes.

2—If Waves is a match for you, you'll be taken to a formal application form. You won't need more than a few minutes to fill that in either. Once you've submitted your application, you'll receive confirmation by email.

3—You will need to upload some documents to support your application once you have applied. They are:

  • A scan of your passport’s main page.
  • A scan of an employer's/captain’s/first officer's letter. You can download a template by clicking here: Captain or First Officer's Letter.
  • A scan of a completed master agreement. You can download that by clicking here: Master Agreement.

You'll also need to set up a standing order for your monthly payments into Waves. You'll receive more information about this when you complete the application form.

What am I investing in through Waves?

Your money will be equally spread across four funds, investing 25% into each one. We’ll be assessing them on an annual basis to see how they are performing and to see whether we need to address any changing market conditions.

The aim of the Waves Money investment mix is to provide access to opportunities where we expect the best growth. Currently the Waves Money portfolio is focussed on Europe and the Pacific region. Waves Money also invests in companies that the fund managers believe are undervalued by the market and where they believe there are opportunities for growth and/or recovery. Lastly, the Waves Money portfolio includes investments in the global technology sector: robotics, internet, computer technology, online commerce, data storage/social media etc.

Waves Money places your money equally into four BlackRock equity funds that aim to maximise return on investment through a combination of capital growth and income on fund assets. 

The funds are:

1: BGF European Special Situations Fund, which invests at least 70% of its assets in companies with potential for growth that the market has failed to appreciate.

2: BGF European Value Fund, which invests at least 70% of its assets in companies that are undervalued in the fund manager’s opinion.

3: BGF Pacific Equity Fund, which invests at least 70% of its assets in companies that are domiciled in or the core business of which is in the Asia Pacific.

4: BGF World Technology Fund, which invests at least 70% of its assets in companies in the technology sector.

How long do I have to commit to? Is there a fixed term?

Your minimum commitment to Waves Money is for six months. Any shorter and you really wouldn’t see any benefit at all from your investment. The longer you invest, the harder your money can work for you and the higher your returns are likely to be.

After six months, you can leave Waves Money at any time. It takes between six to 12 weeks for us to process the paperwork, check it’s really you asking for the money, arrange for the funds to be separated and released from the three investment pots and transferred to you.

What happens if I stop paying into Waves Money?

If you keep your money in Waves Money, it will continue to work for you.

You’ll still be charged the monthly service fee of €15 to cover the costs associated with the Waves Money infrastructure. This fee will be taken out of your fund value at the end of the year as a lump sum of €180, or a pro rata amount, depending on when you stopped your monthly contributions.

How much can I invest in Waves Money?

You can set your regular monthly contributions as high as you like. Waves Money can accept payments in Euros (EUR) and US Dollars (USD).

To make sure Waves Money is worth your while and gives you a chance to build up a good fund, the minimum monthly contribution is EUR/USD 500.

What currencies does Waves Money accept?

At the moment, you can pay your contributions in Euros (EUR) or US Dollars (USD).

How much is my money at risk?

Risk is what determines the growth potential of your investment.

Too little risk, and your money is unlikely to grow very much.

Too much risk, and you could lose a lot or all of your money.

Waves Money is built on the philosophy that some risk is good (to increase the chances of a good return), but must be balanced by a diverse portfolio (to protect the value of the money invested as much as possible). So, your money will go into three separate pots—all highly respected and all very different. By doing so, your money goes into 100 individual investments. No investment is guaranteed, of course, but by investing your money in this way, Waves Money is designed to give you good returns coupled with robust risk management.

How much does Waves Money cost?

Waves Money's fees are among the lowest in the industry. There are four costs associated with Waves Money.

1) Monthly service fee: EUR 15/USD 18.
The infrastructure that supports Waves Money relies on a number of services. Each of which needs to be paid for. For example, a Waves Money account needs to be created for you. Similar to a bank account, there are administration and technology costs involved in keeping it running.

To cover all the costs associated with the sophisticated infrastructure of Waves Money, we charge a monthly service fee of EUR 15/USD 18.

This is added to the money you transfer into Waves Money each month.

If you stop paying into Waves Money, but still have money invested in it, we’ll deduct 12 x EUR 15 = EUR 180 (or a pro rata share) to pay for the costs of maintaining the structure the underpins Waves Money. If you fund Waves Money in US Dollars, the deduction would be 12 x USD 18 = USD 216 (or pro rata share).

2) Investment charge: 2.5%.
This is a fee for getting your money into the fund that drive Waves Money. Your money needs to go into the fund in line with regulatory requirements and through approved mechanisms. These cost money.

It’s like the cost of a visa to enter a country.

To cover these costs, you pay a 2.5% charge when you put money into the fund.

This is deducted from your monthly investment. In other words, 97.5% of the money you pay in is invested into the fund. So, if you pay €1,000 into the fund, €975 is invested and €25 covers the entry mechanism.

3) Annual administration fee: 1.75%
The administration of Waves Money is a big job. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work by people at Yachting Financial Solutions and Boal & Co to keep Waves Money working.

We not only need to make sure that all the parts are working properly, we also have to make sure that Waves Money is compliant with all the relevant regulation and legislation. Financial governance is a big job and we take it very seriously.

So, to cover the costs associated with running Waves Money, we charge an annual fee of 1.75% of the value of your fund. (This is exceptionally low, compared with other financial services, by the way.)

This fee is deducted once a year from the value of your fund holding.

4) Bank transfer fee.
Banks charge money for providing their services. One of the charges you might be most familiar with is the fee they charge when you transfer money between accounts, especially to an account overseas.

So, when you pay money into your Waves Money account each month, your own bank will charge you a fee.

These are fees we have no control over. Each bank sets them independently.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you bank with Standard Bank International, you won’t have to pay monthly transaction fees into Waves. Money

How do manage to keep Waves Money costs so low?

First of all, this is down to our belief that the lower the cost, the more appealing Waves Moneyt is to you. Nothing is truly free, but we worked very hard to keep costs down.

To achieve that, we built a very sophisticated backend to drive Waves Money. We’re very proud of that. And we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from colleagues in the financial planning sector.

Under the bonnet, Waves Money is highly complex—revolutionary even. But the consequence is (now it is up and running), we are able to keep our costs low. That means more of your money ends up where we want it: invested and working for you.

Can I pay in a lump sum in addition to my monthly contributions?

We’ll be making that option available very soon.

How do I see the current value of my investment?

You can log in securely to see your investment valuation by clicking on the 'Money Login'  at the top of the Waves website. If you have lost your login details, you can contact client services to request a new one.

I’ve lost my login details. What should I do?

No problem. Just contact client services ( to request a new one.